A Texas-sized Announcement

I've been in Tennessee for nearly my entire life. I love this state and the culture, landscape and my extended family and friends. Tennessee is my home. 

But sometimes, we are overdue for change. 

Recently, via Facebook, I announced that we'd be moving to Texas (Plano to be specific). The decision to make the move took a LONG time and a TON of consideration and prayer (lots of that!). After a visit to the area we were considering as a location for Axiom Hypnosis, I knew it was the right move for us; both as a family and a business. 

I look forward to the challenge and opportunity that Texas offers. The demographics, population and culture are a good fit for our business. It's a great fit for our family!

My wife has wanted to move there since her first visit. In fact, every time we've revisited Texas, she's asked the question, "Tell me again, why don't we live here??" 

Going Forward 

There are some really cool things that we're doing at Axiom Hypnosis. We've FINALLY pinned down and tested a great solution for "Webnosis"; a web based hypnosis session. Basically, any client, anywhere can receive services from us via the web. That means that a full session for anyone is just a couple clicks away! 

So, for all my Tennessee clientele, I am still yours! I would love to hear from you and would love to continue to help you in anyway I can! I think this solution is the way forward for Axiom Hypnosis and I hope many can take advantage of it. 

BTW, we are not moving until the 1st of May, 2017 so you still have time to come see me at my Murfreesboro office!

Closing Thoughts 

This post brings a number of very complex and powerful emotions to the surface for me. It wasn't easy to arrive at this decision to move to Texas and we're in for a whole new set of challenges as a company and family. 

Challenges and change are good; they induce growth and if we're not growing, what are we doing? 


James Tigert, C.H.