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My work as a hypnotist puts me in front of a lot of different kinds of people with differing reasons to seek out hypnosis. Time and time again, our sessions together have uncovered that many of the issues people face in life are rooted or coupled to anxiety. In so many ways, people manifest different habits or traits that have root in anxiety. For example, many smokers “light up” when they become stressed at work or home, etc.
People who have anger management problems will become angry when they become stressed or are feeling anxiety. I could go on, but I think you get the point. So, what can we do to overcome much of what anxiety does to us?
The answer: BREATHE.

Really. It's that simple. But it's how we breathe that makes the difference. When we're stressed out, we tend to take shallow breaths or if we are breathing deeply, we're breathing too hard.
So the key is to relax and breathe.
You might be thinking, “Duh!”

I am going to walk you through the steps I provide for my clients when we're in session:
1.) Close your eyes
-You'd be surprised at how much easier it is to relax
2)Place your non-dominant hand on your belly
-If you're right-handed, put your left hand on your stomach (over your navel)
-Trust me, there's a reason for this!!
3)Take a deep breath through your nose for about 3 seconds
-Breathe from your stomach
-Pretend you're pushing your hand out with your stomach

4) Pause

-Don't [hold] your breath, just pause for about 3 seconds
5) Exhale
-Let it out slowly (about 5 seconds) through your mouth
-Let the weight of your hand do the work (see, I told you the hand has a purpose)
6) Repeat
-Keep breathing for about 5 or so minutes
7) Vagus Nerve
-The Vagus Nerve is a nerve located on the diaphragm, that when stimulated, triggers a dopamine release into your bloodstream
-Dopamine induces relaxation when we're feeling anxiety

7) Positive tapes
-Begin repeating positive affirmations
- I know that sounds corny, but it works, trust me
-Something like “I am relaxed, comfortable and in control” or “I am relaxed and focused”
-Whatever you repeat, make sure it's simple and direct (preferably present-tense)

Use these techniques every time you begin to feel anxious or notice that you have been anxious. You'd be surprised just how well it works in overcoming the physiology of anxiety. The mental component takes a little more work, and honestly, that's where I come in...
If you'd like to learn more about how to overcome your bad
habits or anxiety, please call (615) 713-7457

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