I have seen quite a few people about sleeping disorders and I was my own first client!

For years, I struggled with sleep and it kept getting worse. In fact, I went nearly 2 weeks without any substantial sleep (maybe 2-3 hours per night). Honestly, it felt like I didn't get any at all.


Meds didn't work, nothing worked

I was miserable! I used all kinds of OTC sleeping pills, melatonin and herbals, you name it, I tried it! I hadn't tried any prescription sleep medications because I'd heard so many of my friends complain of odd events happening to them while using them (e.g. Lunesta and Ambien). I would get SO upset about not getting to sleep, that....I couldn't sleep. Plus, even with the OTC meds, I still felt like I hadn't slept.


Sound familiar?

Maybe this sounds like your experience. Maybe you've been having issues with sleep. If my experience is anything like yours, there is a lasting solution.


I learned about hypnosis

So, I am a hypnotist. I do this everyday and I love it. One of the first testaments to the power of hypnosis for me was learning how to use it to fall asleep and stay asleep naturally.

I was sitting in one of my certification classes and the instructor, Ron Eslinger, mentioned as a "side-note" that you could use hypnosis to fall asleep. I immediately raised my hand and asked him to repeat that and explain how.


It was so simple

Ron said that I could repeat a simple affirmation to help me fall asleep: "I am comfortable, I am relaxed, I am asleep."

So, when I heard that simple line, I thought, "Oh, it couldn't be that easy!" I was so suspicious of it being a farce and waste of time, I was tempted to ignore it and move on. But, I wanted to sleep!


The first night

I decided to put things into practice, I was a "hypnotist" after all! So, I started to chant and chant and chant. I assume about 5 minutes went by and I fell asleep. I know that I fell asleep because about 3-4 hours later I woke back up. I got so excited that I had to repeat the affirmation to get myself back to sleep! I had done it! It worked!!


Mental entrainment 

One of the neat things about our brains is that the more we repeat things, the easier they get to accomplish. I used this same method to put myself to sleep, night after night. Eventually (within about 2 weeks), I was falling asleep as soon as my head would hit the pillow. How awesome is that?!?

Now, anytime I feel like I am having a hard time getting to sleep, I just repeat this same affirmation.


Sleep hypnosis

Since that experience, I have been able to personally attest to the power of hypnotic techniques for sleep. My clients have reported 100% success in falling to sleep using the same method, as well as my Sleep Hypnosis MP3.



There are a number of dangerous side-effects associated with the lack of sleep. These can include:

  • Heart disease
  • Heart attacks
  • Heart failure
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Accidents

And a myriad of other effects that aren't any fun either! See WebMD's article to learn more.


Take action

Maybe this short blog speaks to you and your experience. Feel free to leave your comments below or call us to learn more about how hypnosis can help you get the sleep you deserve.


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