Letting Go

A Better way

The idea of overcoming a bad habit typically conjures images of a lot of effort and time, sweat, tears and hard work. But what if I told you there was a better way?

As I work with my clients, one of the things that I help them to realize is that forcing ourselves into anything may have temporary (sometimes VERY temporary) positive results, but most times we tend to return to our bad habit(s). 

I help my clients learn to let go and allow themselves to change. That's kind of a weird way of thinking about making changes, but it works.

We like our bad habits...

It works because we become our best ally in the the fight to overcome. Sometimes, deep inside, we LIKE our bad habits. There may be no reason why, we just do. Helping that inner-self, inner child or subconscious to realize that there is a better way and better rewards for making a change occurs in validating or conceding to the idea that "maybe I do like this [insert habit here], but there may be something better awaiting."

Allow change to happen

So, when I say "let go" I am really saying "let yourself change". "Allow yourself to be happy and experience joy". 

I recently posted a video on Youtube that you can watch to learn more. I hope you enjoy.

Letting Go

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