Mental Bridges

In life, we all develop bad habits and even some dysfunctions. As we continue exercise poor choices in engendering bad habits, our brains form synaptic connections. These synaptic connections are "memories" and as continue with any habit (good or bad) those connections are strengthened.

For example, if a smoker usually smokes outside, while talking, he or she may find themselves lighting up as soon as they exit the door of their home or when speaking to someone else. Even if they don't light up, he or she may feel the urge to do so (nicotine attack).

This is a great example of how the brain tries to fulfill the synaptic habit without conscious thought. It can be irritating but most of the time, it's life-saving so don't feel bad! You use this brain power while driving everyday.

The interesting thing about habits is that the brain seems to form a mirroring/opposing group of synapses to engender a good or more productive habit. For example, if the smoker lights up while talking outside, the brain may develop an opposing synapse to avoid that habit (e.g. taking a deep breath instead).

What if you could tap into that other group of synapses? You can. Hypnosis can help. Under hypnosis, my clients are tapping into the subconscious' ability to bridge the gap between those synapses. Once those "memories" are reinforced, the new habits are formed.

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