Owning Our Dysfunctions

Recently, I posted a live video on my Facebook page. I hope you glean something from the message presented: 

In simple terms, it's important to begin promoting a version of yourself that you want to become. We often take ownership of the stuff we do; good and bad. What I am presenting here is the idea that you don't have to take ownership of everything. Some things are best left to themselves. 

For example, if you are dealing with anxiety, you don't have to refer to it as your anxiety. You can just call it anxiety, because that's what it is. It's a feeling or state of being. What I'm about to state will sound weird but if you're willing to hear me out, I think the message could just help you out.

When you take ownership of any dysfunction you happen to be experiencing in life, there's this mechanism within your mind that, not only owns it, but will make it a part of your identity. So, if you're saying "my anxiety-depression-whatever", there's this part of you that begins to believe that "your" dysfunction is your identity. 

What I am saying is, if you reinforce the idea that you are depressed or shy or angry or whatever it is, you become that very thing; even if you hate it or don't want it. 

You can be something different. All you have to do is promote it.

If you want to be happier, start promoting that part of your life. Say it! "I am happy right now." Say whatever it is you want to be and KEEP saying it. If you want to feel calmer, say it! "I am calm right now" and KEEP saying it! Do you see the pattern here?

Commercials repeat themselves for a reason. If this process didn't work to convince you to buy certain products when you didn't know you wanted or needed them, or even knew they existed, would companies spend millions and/or billions of dollars to do it? Nope. 

Advertise the you you want to be. And you keep doing it. I wonder what might happen? I can almost here that part of you that might be saying, "This is total _____________!" That's okay. I thought the same thing the first time I considered it. It took me some time to begin to apply it but things started to work. And they keep working.

What would it hurt to give it a shot? The only thing you might have to lose is something you'd like to be free of in the first place.


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