A Close Call and A Lesson Learned

An Accident 

Recently, I received a text from my mother stating that my father had fallen. He was in an ambulance and on his way to the hospital. That was it. 

I was totally in the dark and my mind kept racing. I started to become emotional.

As I was driving, my mind kept attempting to discern what had happened to dad and the extent of his injuries. I made numerous phone calls to inform other family members and friends and to find out if anyone knew anything.

A Sudden Realization

I was totally in the dark and my mind kept racing. I started to become emotional. I was so worried that I would lose my father. Then it dawned on me: I was in a state of panic. My subconscious was the one in pain. That inner child who was scared, worried and upset needed to be calmed. 

I took a deep breath.

I knew that while driving, my mind was in a hypnoidal state; meaning that it was so focused on driving, my conscious mind was partially dissociated from the emotional context of what was happening. 

I began to use some spontaneous affirmations and self-talk.

Basically, I was able to help my subconscious accept the idea that, though I did not know how bad my dad was hurt, I had to assume that things might be better than I thought. 

A Shift In Focus

It happened suddenly. I was feeling very calm. My mind was clear. I felt at peace and I was able to focus on driving safely. 

That shift in focus helped me to be of greater assistance to my parents.

It Works

Look, this all seems really simple and maybe even hokey but its real. We do it all the time without thinking and it's when we USE it to our advantage that we find out just how much control we have over our thoughts and lives.


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