What is the American School of Clinical Hypnosis -International?

What is the American School of Clinical Hypnosis -International?

The American School of Clinical Hypnosis -International (ASCH-I) is a world-wide organization founded by Ron Eslinger, (See: About Ron Eslinger). Located in East Tennessee, the ASCH-I focuses on the clinical use of hypnosis, with a specialty in "pain management". 


Why Am I a Member?

Let me just say that there are all kinds of hypnotists out there. Some do comedy, some do stage performances, some use it for "fortune telling".  That's not the way the ASCH-I does things. Our focus is promoting the use of hypnosis as an adjunct to clinical treatment. 

What's That Mean for You?

Let's say you have an issue with chronic pain and you've been given medication to help you. What if the medication doesn't completely suppress the pain? Or what if you don't want to use medications for fear of addiction or the way they make you feel?

What if you could train your brain to reinterpret the signals your body was giving it? 

That's what it means for you!

You can reprogram your brain to interpret your nervous system's signals in a new way and increase your comfort, improve mobility and improve your lifestyle.

People who are in pain tend to focus on nothing but their pain. It can be all-consuming and can even begin to affect relationships and careers. Oftentimes, people become depressed because of their pain. 

It doesn't have to be that way. 

"There is NO PAIN except in the BRAIN!" -Ron Eslinger.

I love that simple saying. Because it's true.

Ethical Standards

As a member of the ASCH-I, I am required to maintain the highest ethical standards and provide my clients with the best experience, using the best, time-tested, proven techniques to help them overcome issues that affect their lives. 

Learn More

Please contact us at 615-713-7457 or via our contact page (See: Contact).

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